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It was Ms Boss Lady birthday and I decided to go to Atl to celebrate with her. I had a boo thing I had meet in July at the Fleet Dj Conference in Charlotte. We had been talking and building and shit was getting real. So I headed to Atl and got up with my sis and we had a blast during the day. I had been in touch with my friend because he also we in da A on some business.

So that night me and Ms Boss Lady went out for a party that was being thrown for her on Old National Hwy at some club. So we stepped in the building looking real sexy and nice. I had a on a black dress with the back ot with some black and gold studded pumps. Yes I was dressed for trouble. We chilled at the the club for a min but I was ready to be on a mission. So I dropped her off back at her crib and I head to the downtown area for some late night fun.

I finally arrive at the hotel and I give the valet my car keys. I know they are looking at my like I might be a call girl but fuck that. I was a sexy looking bitch about to fuck with her boo. I get on the elevator and head to his room. So I knock on the door and my mystery man answers the door. We jusy look at each other because this is the first time seeing each other since we met. I was looking oh so good and I knew it. He was amazed at how well I was wearing that dress. He took out his phone and took a picture. I sat down and we started talking and then he suggested that I come closer. So closer I get. We kiss and it was magical. I knew this shit was going to be crazy and intense. His energy was saying he was going to give me what I needed. So he helps me out of my dress and I had nothing on as I stood in front of him. We go to the bedroom and I already had my sex you up mind frame.

We start kissing and he touching all the right spots. I guess he did his home work and read some of my blogs. He knew all my hot spots. My body was going crazy with the anticipation of what was going to happen next. he lays me back on the bed and he eyes are making made love to me and I'm like yes, i'm finally going to get fuck right. So he lays on top of me. I caress his body and bring him closer. We are kissing and our hands are wondering all over the place. He looks in my eyes and knows I'm ready for penetration. He takes his time and he enters me. I let out a nice scream from the point of entrance. That shit felt so good and hurt at the same time. Im very tight down there naturally. So he takes his time with his movements. Its takes us no time for our bodies to be in sync with one another. So he is giving me the dick and I'm truly enjoying it. Im pulling him deeper and deeper inside of me. Then he stops and goes down to Chica so he can formally introduce his mouth to her. I'm like shit keep going. His mouth is feeling just a good as his dick. Im grabbing the pillow, screaming loud as fuck at the pleasurable feeling I'm getting right now from him. He is driving me crazy with his tongue game. Its like he was training Chica for the Olympics or something. I have his head holding it tight, as my legs are wrapped around him. I couldnt run it I wanted to. Then he looks up at me and sees that I want that dick be up in me. So he gives me what I want. He is dicking me down so good. I have August Alsina playing in my head "I Love This Shit". This nigga is putting in work and Chica appreciates the effort. He fucks me to sleep. Yes I tried to put that felony on him but he wasnt having it just yet.

We wake up the next morning holding each other. It was a great night and I'm enoying my morning thus far.
I love waking up to dick beside me. I'm not a wasteful chick. So I start rubbing him and its abotu to go down again. Now its my turn to be in control. He finally gets sentenced to this felony head game. I take it nice and slow with him. I gently put him in my mouth making sure the head is fully saturated with my spit. Now that I have marked my spot, it's time for some deep throat action. I am determined to set the bar in this bitch. i am giving him lovely head and now he wants to be back in control. I aint mad at him, because not too many men can handle it. So he pulls me on top of him. That is one of my favorite positions. So I ride like I'm a cowgirl. He grabs the hips and works it like a champ. He is paying close attention to my breast as he should. That is my only true hot spot. His stamina is crazy. Now we are in fll throttle fucking positions. He is seeing how flexible I am and I am seeing how long he can last. Honestly he is fucking me real good and not sure how long I can keep up at his paste.

Now he is on top slow grinding the pssy. I'm mad because I didnt record the shit so I could watch it later. He is going deeper and deeper. I feel like im about to bust all over his dick. Bt I'm not ready to come yet because I know he will get the best of me.
I aint ready to go out like that yet. So I start throwing back at him. I'm doing some ole extra shit because it has to end on my terms. He is picking up his stroke and I am picking up mine. I know one of us is about to give up soon. We both are sweating and the sex is intense. I know he is about to bust because I can feel him swelling. I'm so in tune to a man's dick when he is about to come. Now I feel my pussy opening up and yall know what that means? Yep I'm about to come.

Now I'm in my zone and then something unexpected happened. This nigga came and farted at the same damn time and said damn. I"m like what the fuck?
I lost my urge to cum and to fuck any further. I'm like did this really just happen to me? After all the good fucking we did, this nigga ended it like that. I am still traumatized behind this shit. Now I have to question the world. Men have yo ever farted and cum at the same time? Ladies has this ever happened to you?!!!! Now he truly had #nomanners

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. Friday night

This weekend was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. I went to Gaffney, SC to visit a special friend. We had been talking for a little while and we decided it was time to meet face to face and see what could happen with us. We already had chemistry so I was like why the hell not. I hadn’t been anywhere since CIAA.

I drove to see him and it was a pleasant drive. He met me at a local service station so I could follow him to his house. We pulled up to his house and he was the perfect gentleman and got my bags out the car. I had started to come down with a cold and he was attentive to that. I got there and got settled in at the house and we sat on the sofa and got acquainted with each other. He is a very nice kisser. But let me back up and let yall know a physical description of my friend. He stands 5’9 and has a very nice build and he is a nice chocolate complexion. Nice facial hair just how I like my men to be and he had a even cut. Now but to the good shit. We started kissing and then we decided to call out for some food. So he called Applebee’s and ordered us soon food to go. We leave and pick up the food and then he stops at Walgreen’s and get me some cold medicine. We go back to the crib and we sit down and eat our food and talk. Once we are finished we go back to the sofa.

As we are on the sofa with a nice little blanket on us to keep me warm, out lips met again. He takes his tongue and molest my lips with a nice slow passionate but confident kissing me. I am very receptive to his kisses and his touch. Then he goes down to my hot spot and its about to get hotter up in this bitch. I just love having my titties sucked. That is my number one turn on. I see how this is about go and we head to the bedroom. i change into my pajamas and I climb on the bed and then lay down. He takes my bottoms off and he opens my legs and spreads Chica wide open. He takes his mouth and meets her face to face. He puts his tongue inside of me and im about to lose it. Its been so long since I had my pussy eaten. He takes his time letting me know he is control and he is taking over my pussy. All I can do is lay back and grab his head and fuck his face. He is taking his tongue and working my pussy out. Im all over the bed. Its like im slow winding to R. Kelly’s song and grabbing his head to bring him closer. He takes my legs and push them back so he can eat the pussy deep style. His tongue is going up and down like he has been there before. Im like damn and I can barely contain myself. Yall know I have been on a sex shortage and he is just what I needed. I know he aint me for damn near 45 minutes. Im like what in da fuck is going on here. He is truly on a mission to make sure a bitch is satisfied this weekend.

Now that he has the pussy dripping wet and me on the verge of losing my mind, he is ready to put his dick game down. While im still trying to catch my breath, he penetrates me and Im grasping for air. He is truly blessed in that area. Im feeling like the playing field is uneven. He grabs my waist and he starts slow grinding the pussy being gentle but letting me know that he is in there at the same time. We start kissing ass he drives his dick deeper into me. All I can do is wrap my legs around him and moan from the pleasure his fat dick is giving me. Now he wants to put my legs on his shoulders and normally for me that’s a no-no because that’s too much dick to take at one time. But im like the hell with it. I haven’t felt like this in a long time and I can always push his ass out. Lol  He is doing me any kind of way with his dick game and I’m loving every minute of it. He had Dj Ant Lo playing and the music is truly setting the mood. HIts my first time hearing him and he had shit on lock. He is still working the pussy over like he has been in it before. My pussy is so fucking and its talking to him. Im having several little orgasms. In the back of my mind Im like he is truly trying to make this his pussy and he is doing a great job. He finally puts my legs down and I pull him closer to me and he is slow grinding the pussy. Im like what the fuck is going on here. My pussy is so sloppy wet and he has a steady pace in which he is beating the pussy up. I cant believe how good his stamina is. Theis niggas fucking the hell out of me and im loving every minute of it. I know he fucked me for 50 minutes. And I can honestly say I dint mind because I hadn’t had this kind of sex in a very long time. So now he is giving me the business and he is ready to cum. He  cums and then he goes back in and fucks me some more. im like what in da fuck! It was like he was super dick. He was giving me the business again and I was loving every minute of it. The more he gave me, the more my greedy ass wanted. He finally comes and again and then he relaxes. He gets on the bed and he holds me. Im trying to catch my breath and make sense of what just happened. I under estimated him. I thought it was going to be 1-2-3 and put him out for the count. I was completely wrong about that.

We are laying on the bed cuddling and Im completely happy with his dick game. So we are talking kissing and bonding. While he is holding me from behind, I start grinding my ass on him and his dick get hard and again and its time for round two. He goes back down to Chica with his mouth and he is eating my pussy like he is at Golden Coral on a Sunday afternoon. Im losing it slowly and surely because I haven’t been done like this in over a year. He truly in tune with my body and Chica. He has a vicious tongue game and im getting use to eat. I have never met a man that can eat oussy like this before and I have been with a lot of men. He has my legs all up in the air as his tongue is going deeper and deeper. All I can do is pull his head closer to me. I really trying to put that mutha fucker inside of me but I know that aint gonna work. Now he ready to dick me down some more. he climbs back on top of me. And its crazy because  my pussy is dripping wet but Im so damn tight that the point of penetration is crazy. I feel the pop and I pull closer to me. Up goes my legs and he is slow stroking me making sure that he isn’t hurting me to much. But my pussy so tight, that I always feel something. He is going in and out and every time he came out, I could feel the penetration like it was our first time fucking all over again. My mind is so gone on his dick game right now and Im still in shock at his performance. I will never sleep on a country dude again. This time he comes a lil quicker and Im still feeling his dick inside of me even though he has pulled out.

Now after the second round I text my co-host Asten and tell her his dick game is proper. You know how girls talk after they have gotten dicked down properly. Then we are cuddling again and I guess my horny ass starts again. I have this habit of wiggling my ass up against a dude when he is holding me. So you know his dick got hard a again and he was more than happy to oblige me again. This time he had me on all four. I guess it was time for him to hit it from the back and I didn’t mind. So he penetrated me again and it was like he hadn’t been in there twice already. I told yall my pussy stay on tight and its all natural. He grabs my waist and his short stroking the pussy and I have my face in the pillows. It hurt so fucking good. Im like this shit id crazy because his sexy drive is just as high as mine. Im loving every minute of it. Now he is switching up his stroke and im trying not to run but fuck that, then backshots are hurting. So now im like fuck thei, let me contract my pussy around his dick and pull this nut out of him. I start contracting my pussy on his dick as he is long stroking it and before I know it, he is cumming and im like fuck yes. This shit is so fucking good, a little too good. I hear my Iphone go off but I couldn’t respond because I had too much dick in me. Once my ass collapse on the bed, I hit Asten and let her know we just finished round three. Now we are exhausted and its time to go to bed. We fall asleep with him holding me. Im loving this because Im a cuddler.


Im woken up early Saturday morning to him eating my pussy and Im speechless. I can tell you the last time I woke up to some good eating. All I could do was roll over and let him have his way with me. He was eating my pussy so good again that I was ready to lose my mind. My body was wondering where in da hell did he come from. I could nt do anything but lay there and enjoy the  pleasure he was giving me with his mouth. He always makes sure the pussy is sure wet before enters me. He knew what the hell he was doing. I wanted to get on top because I can do my most damage in that position but he didn’t let me this go round. We had some more from the back action. I was laying flat and he was sitting up fucking me like a pro. Its like his dick owned me every time he entered me. And each time he penetrated me, the feeling was the same, a tight ass pop and then he was in. he fucked me long enough for my ass to go back to sleep and not think about wiggling anymore. We both went back to sleep because it was hella early.

His phone started going off and he got up because someone was coming by. I laid in the bed like a limp noodle. Me and Chica was feeling like a million bucks. He came back in the room nd got in the bed and my horny ass wanted some more. what I really like about him, is it was all about me and pleasing me. I truly appreciated it. I was already naked so all he had to do was pull the covers back and do what he does best. He started eating me again and I was in la-land. I couldn’t believe that a man could eat pussy this much and he was very long winded. He has my ass on fire and super wet like a super soaker water gun. I love how he pulled my lips apart and let his tongue take over do what it wanted to do. I also loved the way he sucked on my clit. I felt myself becoming open to his eating and fucking skills. He told me his goal was to make me his and he was doing a damn good job. He has my legs spread and he is handling his business again. He eats me long enough to add to the wetness I already have. He gets on top of me and I feel that pop again once he enters me. He is like you’re going to feel me now. Then he power checked me and went super deep. All I could do was take a deep breath and take the dick. Don’t get me wrong there was some times I pushed him back. But for the most part, I took it like a champ. Then he pulled me up so that I could get on top and ride him. I just knew I was going to fuck him my way and pull the nut up out of him. Boy was I wrong. That nigga took control and gave me hella dick. All I could do was take it and wet his dick up. This was the best feeling I  have had in a long time. He was throwing much dick in me while I was riding. Anyone that has fucked me and I was on top knows I fuck you up in that position but the tables were turned on me. Then he rolled my ass over and gave me the business and beat the pussy up properly. Then he came and I was done.

I got up and took a shower after I laid there for a few minutes to gathers my bearings. Lol I was fucked properly since Friday. So we got dressed and started out day. We went out for lunch and then we went to the outlet mall. He spoiled me the whole day while we were out. I can honestly say I love the way he treats me and how attentive he is to me. We went to his friends house that has a studio and he got on the mic and played around for a few. He tried to get me on the mic and yall know my ass don’t rap. He ordered the fight and invited some friends over. I had plans to take a nap but that shit didn’t work. We were out for most of the day. We stopped at Ingle’s and he he got me some gelato by Hagen Daaz. We went back to the house and he brought my bags in the house from the things he brought me. I was cold and he had cut the heat on before I left. So I grabbed my blanket and sat on the sofa after eating some of my gelato. Yall need to try that shit. Its good as fuck. He came and sat me beside on the sofa beside me and we started kissing again and he started coming out of his clothes. Im like what are you doing, your friends are coming over. He was like they will call before they come. So he started undressing me. He wanted to feel they felony head game and since he had been a good man, I gave him a sample. I started sucking on him slowly and keeping it wet. He was thoroughly enjoying it and I was having fun tasting him. I hadn’t did that since Feb so I had to make sure it was still a felony. I gotta keep my skillz up to par in case me and Sha have a suck off. Lol . He stood up and then I got into it. I was deep throating him I was like Roscoe dash and Waka “No Hands’. I should have recorded it but there is always next time. I was enjoying sucking that dick. Then he pushed me back on the sofa and started licking on Chica. He got her super wet and put it in. And you already know that pop was there. No matter how many times we fucked, my pussy was super tight and had the pop. He was giving me the business with my legs in the air. Im so glad he lives in a house because he neighbors wouldn’t have gotten any sleep and would have been mad. Im a screamer and im loud as fuck in the bed. You will always know how it feels when you fucking me. This was a semi quickie because we had company coming over. We didn’t wanna get caught with our pants down. So we got that out the way and watched the Ny and Boston game. I honestly thought Boston was going to pull it off and force a game since. Bo y was I wrong as fuck.

So we finished watching the games and then he started playing some of my Youtube videos on his tv. He is very supportive of my career and that means a lot to me. There was a knock on the door and it was his homeboy. He introduced us and told him about my March Madness mixtape. He wanted one out the gate, so I went outside to my car and got him one. He played one of my prank call videos and his homeboy was laughing at my crazy ass. Then we got ready to watch the fight. I watched till the 11th round and I went and got in the shower so I could go to bed. But before I went to bed I went in my bag and got some of my goodies from www.nightsoferotica.com. So I went to bed before the fight was over and I dozed off. He came in the room after he took his shower and asked me if I was sleep and I was like I had dozed off.

He pulled the covers back and was like where are your toys. I brought out the strawberry lub that also is a warming cream. And I had my g-spot lollipop that I had never used before so we were trying to figure that out together. I have to give sex toy reviews on these products. He took the lub and put it on my and made sure I was lubbed up properly. Then he inserted the toy inside of me and that shit was feeling good. But it wasn’t making do what I needed to do. So in my mind, I figured this is a toy I need to try by myself. So he cleaned me up and he started eating me again. I was already on cloud nine from the warming lub and him fucking with me. He was eating the hell out of me again and all I could do was grab his head and pull him closer. My back was arched like a n shape. I was ready to climb the damn walls. He rolls me over and we start fucking doggy style and boy was my ass in trouble. I fucked around ashow us in the mirror. Yall know that’s my shit. I was super turned on watching the arch in his back as he was giving me dick. I wanted to tell him to go deeper but I had to think about the pain factor.. so I left well enough alone and let him do him. I had my pillow and I was good. He was fucking me like he owned my pussy. I love the way he took ownership and called it his. I love a dominate man in the bed. If I can dominate you in the bed, I wont respect you. So he made sure I know who was in charge and that shit turned me on even more. I started contracting my muscles again and he came and we both laid down and went to sleep. Last night was quiet after that episode. We slept through the night. Lol finally!

We woke this morning to his phone ringing and then you know my horny ass had to get one for the road before I drove back home. He ate my pussy like it was his breakfast for the day and chica was wet like she had a homemade pond inside of her. He got on top and the pressure point penetration was there as usual and I was like yes. He started working the pussy over like it was his personal property and then he put me on top and fucked me real good and had me open as usual then he put me in doggy style and we was in the mirror. I swear he was in my stomach and it hurt so good. All I cared about was looking at us fuck in the mirror. That shit looked so beautiful. If I did a movie, I would be a fucking natural. But that aint gonna happen. He nutted and I laidd down and relaxed and then his cousin had came over.

I got up and took a shower and got dressed so I could hit the road because it was raining like shit.he turned my are around so I would get wet and he put my bags in the car. Then we hugged and started kissing good bye. I almost started to give some more pussy before I left but I knew I wouldn’t have left at a decent time. I love a dude that can fuck as much as me when Im active. I can honestly say he is a keeper.  I love the fact that I was all that mattered and now his friends is rocking my mixtape. He made me feel good because he Is a confident man and didn’t turn into a pussy pop after good sex.

There is more to come. Stayed tuned. Sorry this blog is so long but I did a lot of fucking this weekend. Lmao

<![CDATA[Fit For A King]]>Sun, 24 Mar 2013 06:48:00 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/choc-mami-sex-talk/fit-for-a-kingPicture
I know its been a while since I posted a story. I apologize but I have been recovering from surgery and I wasn't able nor felt like being bothered with sex. And yes that includes my toy. I did not have sex for a while beginning towards the end of the year. I will tell you more abut that in the up coming issue of Choclate CIty Magazine. I did make it to New York Feb 16-20, 2013 and it was my first time being there in over 2 years. Yes I missed Ny and Ny missed me.
I got there on a Saturday morning and I was sick as hell with a head cold. I had started the new year off right, NO SEX!!!! I was trying to save myself because I am wanting to settle down and I felt like being pure would be a good look for that lucky man. My first night was spent with be taking medicine and drinking fluids. It was cold as hell outside and I was suppose to host an event in Brooklyn but there was no way I was going out anywhere. So I had to cancel. I called my friend Destro to let him know I was in town. He said he would come by to check for me. I already knew he thought he was going to get some pussy but I had made up in my mind that I wasn't fucking anyone. He knew I was sick and asked me if I had a scarf and I was like no. So when he came thru, he had picked one up for me along with some chicken soup.
He came in my room and looked around like most men always do. He like the telly I was staying at. He took off his coat and got comfortable. I ate my soup and he had a sandwich. Then he came and joined me on the bed. i had told him i wasn't fucking but I guess he didn't believe me. He was like let me hold you. I'm like okay because i love to cuddle. I felt his dick getting hard and he was  trying to get me in the mood but I stood my ground about not fucking. He even took his clothes off and got in the bed with me and what not. Once he realized I was not about to give up shit, he just held me and left at 5am. So I got thru that night.

Now I have been talking to King for while on BBM. He was like when you get to Ny just fit me into your schedule. I was like  imma be too busy to see you. I guess he knew all along that he was going to finally meet me. We talked on the phone Sunday. I went into the city to get some food and I thought I was going to shop but my cold was still kicking my ass.  So i went to some drug store and got me some snacks and junk food and headed back to my telly to call it a night. We spoke later that night and I finally told him to come over. He wanted to come and check for me and my cold. Plus he was going to bring me some jerk chicken, rice and peas. But he had a family emergency come up
and couldn't make it that night. So we talked the next morning and he was asking me how I was feeling and I felt just a little better and  I invited him over again. He came over and brought my some damn sugar free Apple Juice when I asked for a soda. I was nervous about meeting him because I was sick and I wasn't looking my best. He came in and we hung spoke. I think I we hugged each other but I couldn't remember.
We started talking and he was complimenting me on how I looked and making me blush. i was happy that he was fine as hell and wasn't using someone else's pictures. He was a dark skinned brother from Jamaica standing taller than 5'10. I was very impressed. I was shy at first and I couldn't look him in his eye. I always get like that when I meet someone for the first time. He was sitting on one of my beds and I was sitting in a chair near the desk. So he brought me closer to him and I was scared because I hadn't been touched by a man since 2012. So sitting on his lap talking to him being that close, my heart started to beat real fast. Plus this man was from Brooklyn and y'all know how I am about my Brooklyn men. He said all the right things and touched all the right places. I"m trying my best to remember everything that happened.
I remember him pulling out his dick and I was so caught off guard because he actually had a big dick. Then I started thinking about how am I going to take all of this seeing I haven't fucked in months and my pussy was tight as a virgin's. Remember my pussy is naturally tight so I was going to have some serious problems. I remember taking his dick and putting it in my mouth . it tasted so good and I hadn't practiced my felony head game in a long ass time. so this was an appropriate time to see if I still had it. According to the moans and the expressions on his face, the felony was still there. He then started sucking on my small ass breast (that is my only hot spot) and he had me feeling a certain kind of way. I was already in my big t shirt and had my panties on. He was laying down on the bed and had me on top of him. We are grinding and continuing the fore play and I'm so turned on right now. In the back of my mind, I know today is going to be the day I get some dick. I don't know if i should get the fuck up or just let  it happen. i let it happen. We are getting in to it now and I'm on fire. He has his pants down and he slides my panties over and then the ultimate moment happens. He penetrates me. I moan out from the pain and the pleasure. I tell him it hurts and he takes his time. We are going at a nice pace and he is still sucking my titties. My pussy is getting wetter and wetter as he his dick continues to grow. In my mind I cant believe this is happening and I cant stop it. It feels too good and my pussy has been starving for a very long time.
We are getting in to it now. I am riding him which is my favorite position because i can control how much dick goes in Chica. He is holding me close to him as I am grinding his dick nice and slow. I slide up and down on it. I want to come so bad but I'm not ready. I continue to take my time and control the pace. He is still giving my titties the attention they deserve. Now I'm ready to cum all over his long and thick dick. I go ahead and let it goes. It felt so good the I want to scream out super loud but I didn't want to alert my neighbors or the hotel staff that i was getting fucked for the first time this year. Lol!. Now he wants to hit it from the back just like most men after a woman cums on them. He stands up behind me while I'm on all four on the bed. he enters me and the tightness of my pussy and the thickness of his dick makes for another pain and pleasure moan. He is taking his time and giving me the dick Brooklyn style. I try to run but he has a strong hold on me. He is pushing the dick deeper and deeper. I'm moaning from the pain and the pleasure he is giving me right now. he is pounding the pussy just how it needs to be beaten and I'm loving every moment of it. I feel his dick getting wider which means he is about to cum. Its like his dick was like a ball park frank (it plumps when you cook it0. I thought he was going to rip me but he didn't. He let's his nut go and I'm so damn happy because that shit was hurting to damn much. Hell I haven't fucked in months and here his big dick ass pops up.
After he nuts, he sits down in the chair and he is collecting his thoughts. Then he starts to doze off. i get in the shower and wash Chica up and get dressed. He is so done that he finally gets up and walks to the bed with his pants still down and falls on the bed. He is knocked the fuck out. I was laughing like hell. you know you got good pussy when the man passes the fuck out with his drawers down. POW I'm back!!!!

<![CDATA[South Beach Surprise]]>Sun, 25 Nov 2012 02:26:15 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/choc-mami-sex-talk/november-24th-2012Picture
What is that saying, what happens in South Beach stays in South Beach? Well I had to share this with yall. We all know I use to live in Ft. Lauderdale. I had a good friend that lived in Atlanta and she was visiting me Miami with her fiancé at the time. I worked at TAG at the time and I had just got off work when I got her phone call. She was like her Nino was in town visiting his parents and taking care of business. I was really excited to see her because I hadn t seen her in years. I told her to give me a hour and I would head south so we could hang out. I took a shower and got dressed. I parked my car at the parking garage on 7th and Collins Ave.

I proceeded to walk on Ocean Ave until I got to Mango’s and I saw her sitting down. We spotted one another and we screamed then hugged one another.  She introduced me to her fiancé and we hugged. She is from Jamaica and he was too. She was looking extremely pretty. She is light skinned with long hair. She likes to work out to stay in shape and she had a nice ass on her. Nino was dark skinned with a bald head and had a slim build. We all sat down and started talking. They were already eating and drinking so I ordered a mango margarita. Then I told them about this drink called “bust the pussy”. Its made with 151, SoCo and raspberry liquer.  It comes as a shot. So we all started drinking bust the pussy and other shit. I was still order margaritas and shots. Men were walking by talking to me and giving me their number. By this time I was fucked up. I was so drunk I couldn’t feel my face.

So you know alcohol makes you honest about a lot of shit. Dee was telling me that she wanted to give Nino a threesome because he took care of home and gave her the world. I was like that’s a good reason and make sure she felt comfortable with her man fucking someone else. Then Nino is like haven’t you had a threesome before. I was like yes and we started talking about it. Then he was like you would be the perfect person. I was shocked because this is my best friend and her man is asking me to have a threesome with them right now. Im speechless and I look at her and she is like you are so experienced in that area. At that time, I call my fuck buddy and tell him I’m at south beach fucked up and I don’t know how I am make it home.  Then I call my brought and tell him about how fucked up those bust the pussy made everyone. I get up to go to the bathroom and Nino tells Dee to go with me because I’m drunk. We got to the bathroom and I don’t remember what happened next. All I know is I wake up on the floor and security is talking to me. My drunk ass passed out. They ask were their hotel is and they carry Dee’s and Nino’s hotel room.

I am laying on the bed fucked up. Then we all are on the bed and they are making sure I’m okay. Then we started talking about the threesome again. I look at Dee and I ask her if she is sure about this. She says yes so I start kissing her. Then I pull up her shirt and start playing with her perfect titties. She has the prettiest nipples I have ever seen. I take one of breast and put it in my mouth. She is so turned by the foreplay I was giving her. I know for a fact that she has never been with another woman before. So I continue to take my time with her. I start undressing her and still stroking her breast softly with my head. I go back to kissing her and now I want to taste her pussy and see how sweet it is. I lay her back on the bed.  Kissing her lips then working my way down south, making a pit stop on her breast. I suck on them more. They taste so damn good. I kiss her stomach and work my way down to her box. Nino is looking and is stunned by everything that is going down. He is touching himself while watching his woman experiencing pure joy. Now my head is between her legs and I’m spreading her pussy lips apart. I feel like Trey Songz and my tongue is about to dive in. I take my tongue and gently like the inside of her pussy. I take my mouth and start sucking on her clit. I look up at her and I can tell my her facial expression that she is enjoying the hell out of getting her pussy ate. My goal is to make sure she remember me for the rest of her. Now Nino is ready to partake in the action. Mother nature is visiting me so aint no action for me.

He pulls out his dick and brings it closer to Dee. So while I’m pleasing  her with my mouth, she is pleasing Nino with her mouth. I spread her legs apart wider and starting eating her pussy fast as hell. I have her legs up on my shoulder while my tongue is going deeper and deeper. I stop because I’m not ready for her to cum yet. I look at Nino and I start playing with his dick. I had heard so much about the famous hook and I was ready to get a taste of him. I took him and put the head in my mouth and gave him a sample of my wet hole. He started playing with Dee while I started sucking his dick like a pro. I went from the nuts to the top of the dick. I needed him to know this wasn’t a fucking game. Once you have sucking dick down to a science, you always start out with the nuts so they can see you know what you’re doing. I started sucking the head and outing some extra spit on it to keep it super moist.  Then I started popping the head and stroking the dick all at the same time. Then I invited his girl to join in. So we sucked his dick together while kissing each other. I had to play with those titties again.

Since I cant fuck, doesn’t mean they cant. I tell Nino to get completely naked and Dee is already there. I tell Nino that I want to see him fuck the hell out of her. They start kissing and I’m rubbing her titties and stroking his dick. She lays down on her back and spreads her legs and he enters her. I tell him to fuck her nice and slow. I’m rubbing on her breast and watching her face as he gives her the dick. They have a nice slow rhythm going and I’m so turned right about now. I wish I could join in but I cant. Now I’m ready for him to change positions. I want him to fuck her in her ass. My wish is his command. I was like damn once he put his dick in her ass. So was taking it like a champ. This was turning in to one of the best nights ever. I remember him fucking her harder and me and her kissing. Then I passed out again.

I woke up with me and Dee laying on the bed and Nino was gone. I was like what in da fuck and I shook my head. I thought everything was a dream. We had spent 500.00 at Mango’s and it showed with the headache I had from drinking so much and not eating. She called Nino to come back to the room so he could walk me to the garage so I could get my car. While walking to the car, Nino was like you know I never came. And I was like what that mean? He was like I need you to finish what you started and I was hell no. I will never touch you without my friend. That right there let me know, he was a nigga that aint shit.

<![CDATA[My Choking Experience]]>Thu, 08 Nov 2012 22:09:23 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/choc-mami-sex-talk/my-choking-experincePicture
I recently listened to some people talking on a radio show the other night and it made me think about the freakiest shit I had ever done. I was listening to a female talk about a lot of things she doesn’t do in the bedroom and I was like I’m glad that isn’t me. If I shared her views on sex, I would be a lonely sexless chick. I started reflecting on some of the conversations I have had with other females that was just as freaky as I am. Some of their stories made me want to try some of crazy shit they were talking about,

One of my friends was talking about her man choking her while they were fucking and how good it felt. She like to be choked out to the point of almost passing out. I had heard people talking about that before but it never made me wanna try it. But it was something about my friend’s voice as she talked about how good it felt. I was like damn let me try it and see how it makes me feel. So the guy I was seeing at the time, I called him and told him we was going to try something new that night.  I went over to his house and we started out in our normal way. I always set the mood by giving my man some felony head to get him relaxed. Tonight I was on a mission so I made sure to sure his dick extra hard and super sloppy. That night he was feeling extremely good and I was putting in work. I showed his nuts plenty attention with my mouth and then focusing back on his hard shaft. Then I would go to the top of the head and pop it oh so good. I believe in looking into my man’s eyes as I take over his dick. Judging from the way his eyes were rolling in the back of his head, I knew I was doing the damn thing. I am a firm believer that the first nut should not be wasted so I took it from him and swallowed all of his kids. Now that I had got that first nut out of the way, I knew the second nut would take some time come.

Now we are getting ready to fuck. I love to start out riding. I have so much control when I am on top. I climb on top of him and allow him to enter me. It was feeling so good and I was really hungry. Whenever I have girl talk, I get super horny while thinking about other people fucking. I be wishing I could watch them.  We are finding a good rhythm and then I tell him that I want to try something new. I hit him with the you know how freaky I am and he is like yes baby I know. The pussy is feeling so good to him and he is ready to do what ever makes me happy. I tell him I want him to choke me. He looks at me like im crazy and I tell him I’m serious as hell. I take his hands and wrap them around my neck. He proceeds to choke me slowly and its feeling good. I pick up the pace of fucking him and I tell him to choke me harder. Its feeling so good to me.  I’m completely turned on by the choking, I feel my pussy getting wetter. We are fucking at a good pace and the choking is feeling so good. I feel Chica opening up and I know its time for me to cum. I start riding him faster, telling him to fuck harder and then I want him to choke me harder. He squeezes my neck so hard and at the same time, I start cumming so hard. I scream out so loud as my nut leaves my body. He looks at me like what in da fuck just happened. All I can do is just fall on his chest and catch my breath.

I swear that was one on my best sexual encounters. In my next blog, I will talk about the time I pissed on someone and I really liked it. I know, I know, I'm a freaky bitch. Lmao

<![CDATA[Penetration or Oral, which worse when your mate cheats?]]>Fri, 02 Nov 2012 22:46:08 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/choc-mami-sex-talk/november-02nd-2012Picture
I was asked to write this blog a long time ago by a good friend of mine from Ny. Sorry it took me so long to write this. A lot of times we are in relationships and sometimes our mates tend to stray and cheat. Now the question is which is worse, them fucking someone or performing oral sex?

I have been with men that cheated back in the day. I don’t tolerate that shit now. But it’s a hurtful thing to deal with on any level. For me I could deal with him fucking another chick verses him eating her pussy. Reason I say that is oral sex is very personal and intimate. I aint trying to kiss my man after his ass has eaten another chicks pussy. Only exception is if we are having a threesome and we are sharing.  I love to kiss my man and just the thought of tasting another woman’s juices on his lips just pisses me off. Now some people may feel differently and that’s okay. That’s what makes life interesting.

Penetration is bad also but it’s a matter of how you look at it. If he is wearing a rubber its not that bad. At least the fucker is practicing safe sex. When he is eating pussy, there isn’t anything protecting his tongue. Fucking isn’t personal, making love  is, along with eating pussy. I would rather my man fuck the shit out of a chick any day. And depending on what kind of mood Im in when I find out, I might have him fuck the chick again just so I can watch. Im just a freak like that.

Now when it comes to the man, it’s a totally different subject. Men don’t want us to do shit. That’s the double standards them mutha fuckers have. Most men I asked the question said they could deal with penetration more so than oral. Men lose their mind when they find out their woman has cheated. But if they sense that she has sucked someone else’s dick, all hell will break loose. In their mind they think we are doing all the nasty freaky tricks we use on them with someone else. And then if penetration is exposed, then they want to know what positions the other guy fucked you in. Men take us getting fucked doggy style personal.

So its safe to say that most people agree that if their mate cheated, they can handle the penetration more so than oral. Putting your mouth on someone is very intimate. We use oral sex as a way to express  our deepest feelings for our mate. When I suck my man’s dick, its to take him to the next level and blow his fucking mind. Remember my head game is a felony. Lol Now If your mate is the type of person that goes around sucking or eating everything, then it wouldn’t really matter what they did when they cheat.  And if that’s the case, then you might want to let that cheating ass person go.

We all are grown and can make decisions that right for us. Hopefully you wont have to deal with situations like this on the regular. But if you have a cheating mate, then give them a dose of their own medicine. Go out cheat and make sure you give the other person the best oral sex ever. Then come home kiss your mate and say check mate.

<![CDATA[My Swinging Adventure]]>Thu, 16 Aug 2012 00:23:23 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/choc-mami-sex-talk/my-swinging-adventurePicture
This had to be this craziest night of my life. I was dating this dude named Chico and he was freaky as fuck but I think I was freakier due to the fact that I had a threesome. We use to fuck all the time like we were pron stars and the dick was good. He could fuck me for an hour straight bust a nut and then pop in a flick, then jack his dick. I swear his stamina was crazy as fuck. Considering I had a high ass sex drive, I was loving it. We talked about having threesomes but we couldn’t find the right chick for both of us to fuck. We use to go to strip clubs together. He was responsible for my first lap dance. 

Well one Sunday night we had went out trying to find some where to go. So we stopped at a gas station to get some gas and we ran into one of our childhood friend. Mussel was with his chick and we decided we were all going to go out. We talked about going to a strip club but we ended up at Friday’s restaurant. We sat al the bar ordering food and drinks. We were getting fucked up off of shots and mixed drinks. So we left and headed to Taj’s crib (Mussel’s girl). So we are in the crib drinking Remy Red. That shit was good and had me feeling right. 

I was sitting in the den and I noticed Chico and Taj were gone. Then Mussel came up to me talking about he had always wanted to fuck me. Im looking at him like he is crazy as fuck. Plus I knew my boyfriend didn’t play that shit. Im  trying to be nice and brush his ass off but it aint working. I tell him that Chico will be made as fuck and I cant do that. So he takes my hand and leads me to the living room and I see his girl sucking my man’s dick. Im like wow and turned on at the same time. So I look at Chico in the eyes and he nods letting me know its okay. I let Mussel start to fuck with me but Im really not feeling him. He starts sucking on my titties and that is my shit. Im starting to get turned on and I let my hands wonder while still making eye contact with Chico. Mussel pulls out his dick and Im truly not happy. His shit aint no where near my baby’s dick. So I stroke s few time hoping that shit will grow considerably. No such luck. 

I see that Mussel really wants to fuck me and Chico is like let him. So while im getting fucked, my man goes down on Taj. My pussy instantly got wet as I am watching this. While Im getting fuck, Im getting irritated because this dude cant fuck me right. I push him off and go over to where Chico and Taj and yes he is still eating here out. So I decided to join them. He is looking at me like damn baby. We both are eating her and kissing each other. His dick is getting so hard that I have to suck. Im  sucking his dick so fucking good till my pussy is dripping. He is the only guy I could bust a nut from sucking his dick. Now Im ready to take it to the next level. I tell him to fuck her. He puts a condom on and slides his big dick inside of her. Im studying her facial expressions and I know that shit hurts but it feel s good at the same time. I like baby go deeper. My request is fulfilled. Im sucking her titties while he is filling her up. Mussel is sitting there watching us have our way with his chick and all he can do is stroke his dick. 

Now Chico puts her on all four and Im telling him to drill her ass harder and faster. Im so turned on at that point. Now I want some of his dick. So I tell him to stop and come and fuck mami. He snatches my ass up and dicks me the fuck down. We are fucking in front of them and Im screaming out from pure pleasure he is giving my. Im grabbing him and pushing him deeper while looking at Taj and Mussel fuck. Im have the best of both worlds. Now everyone is fucking and Im drunk as fuck. Chico pulls out and he like come here. We go to Taj’s bedroom and we fuck in here bed. He fucks me doggy style facing the mirror so I could see our sex faces. Our sex life was always on point. We always had aggressive sex. He would always punish the pussy and I loved every minute of it. I busted one of the biggest nuts from being in her bed. 

I guess everyone was tired of fucking and need to take a breath. So once we were done, we got dressed and went back to my crib where we fucked all night till the sun came up. Its safe to say I was sore as fuck the next day but it didn’t stop me from giving some more of my good pussy.  Now Im ready to try my luck at a swingers club. But I gotta have a man who’s dick game is on point. Once I find that dude that has the stamina to fuck for as long as I need him to fuck me, he will be the one I take with me. Until then, ill just keep using my imagination. Im proud to say that Im a freaky ass female that will do what I need to do to keep my man happy.

<![CDATA[Brooklyn DickĀ ]]>Mon, 23 Jul 2012 06:02:25 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/choc-mami-sex-talk/brooklyn-dickPicture
I know its been a minute since I wrote a blog so I decided to write one before I went to sleep. As many of you guys know, I have a large following in Ny. But I have a particular fondness for Brooklyn niggas. It started back in 2010 while I was visiting Ny to do in studio radio interviews. I had been chilling while handling my business. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t fuck a few people on my trip. 

I was in Ny for 5 days in July 2010. I stayed in Queens on Hillside close to all the shopping spot. That trip I fucked a dude from Queens and 2 from long Island during those 5 days. I have to admit that only one of the guys handles his business and gave me some good dick. He came thru before going to work and put in on me. I answered the door in t-shirt and it was on and popping as soon as I closed the door. We went to the bed and I undressed him. I took his dick out and saw how pretty it was and I had to suck his dick. It was long and thick. He stood up beside the bed and I laid on the bed and sucked the hell out of his dick. It tasted so good, that my pussy was getting wet. He pushed me backwards on the bed and I feel on the bed and he spread my legs apart. He started eating my pussy so damn good. Then it was time to feed Chica. He put the head in and the tightness caught him off guard. He took his time fucking the pussy and making sure it felt good to me. Once I got comfortable with his stroke game, he started going in and making me feel so damn good. We fucked all night long. He picked me up and walked around with men on his dick making me bounce like a fucking ball. He had me so turned up until I couldn’t hold my nut anymore. I busted the biggest nut all on his big dick. That was one of the best nights I spent with a dude. 

Now later on that year Nov 2010 I came back to Ny to interview Freekey Zekey and Bad Shreik. I stayed in Queens again. I had met this guy names Destro when I had called into a online radio station and we had started talking some business about the adult entertainment world. We made plans to go out but Ny time is way different than mine. The clubs don’t get popping til like 2:30-3:00 am and Im usually sleep by then, So I had taken off my clothes and put on my t-shirt and got in the bed. Around 3am his ass knocks on my door and looks at me funny because Im not dressed. I open the door and climb right back in the bed. I tell him that he is more than welcome to lay down and talk to me. What good that did. Nigga laid down and I laid on his chest and we started talking and one thing lead to another He started talking about my head game and how he wanted to feel what I was talking about. So I had to pull his dick out and let him know that Im really bout that life. I started sucking it slow as fuck. Then I was getting turned on by the length and I made it sloppy as fuck. I even deep throated his dick and I didn’t gag. I was sucking his dick like the cameras were rolling. He is loving every minute of it. Now he is ready to feel the inside of my pussy. He enters me nice and slow and I let out a grasp because of the feel of penetration. We start out in missionary just so I could get use to his dick. He is going deeper and deeper with each stroke. Im grabbing his ass to pull him in deeper. He has my pussy going crazy with the strokes he is feeding her with. He pulls out checks the condom and rolls my ass over on my stomach. At first he takes his time then out of no where he starts to fuck the shit out of me. I was like what in the hell. I cant begin to describe what I was feeling. I couldn’t catch my breathe due to the hard pounding he was giving me. The harder and deeper he went, the more I want. I was calling out his name so fucking loud. I know the neighbors knew his name. he gave me a pillow to bite on to muzzle the noise but he didn’t ease up on those back shots. He fucked me a good hour like that. Finally he busted and I was so fucking glad because I wasn’t sure how much more I could take. So I lay in the bed unable to move thinking that it was over for a lil while. Boy was I wrong. He dick got hared again and he put on another magnum and had my ass get on top. Normally riding is my shit and I can make it go pop quick but not with this dude. He grabs my hips and plunges his dick deeper into my pussy. Its hurting so good. The more he ponds my pussy, the wetter she gets. Im so ready to bust all over his dick but once I come, it’s a wrap and he will beat the pussy down for real. He keeps hitting the right spot and I nut all over his nice long dick. Once I came that nigga put my ass on all four. I promise you he fucked the hell out of me. He pulled my hair and slapped my ass real hard while deep stroking the pussy. I couldn’t wait for his ass to come. 
He came to the battle prepared. He had heard how I like to diss niggas with whack ass dick and blast them on my radio show. He fucked me the way I needed to be fucked. Whats crazy is he fucked me till the sun came up. By time his ass was finished we had used 5 condoms. I was so glad to be able to get some sleep. I cant even lie, he had some good ass dick. Once we woke up, I had to call my home girl back home and tell her how he fucked the shit out of me. We fucked everyday til I left. I swear BK dick is the best. The last time I came to Ny in Feb 2011, I didn’t get a chance to see him. But we always kept in contact. He called my last Sunday because he was in Durham and he wanted to see me. So I gave him directions to my house and he came by to check for me. 

All Im going to say is “blame it on the alcohol”. TO BE CONTINUED……..

<![CDATA[The Shit I Dont Like]]>Thu, 05 Jul 2012 23:47:50 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/choc-mami-sex-talk/the-shit-i-dont-likePicture
I know its been a while since I wrote serious blog so I decided to do one today. I was in the shower last night and it came to me. And I decided to name it “The Shit I Don’t Like”. This blog stems from some shit that is going on in my personal life. I will share part of it with you and then you can read the rest in my up and coming issue of Choclate City Magazine. 

Now men if you get offended from this blog then you are one of the men that fit into this category and you need to work on you. Don’t take it as I’m bashing men because I’m not. I’m just calling how I see it. Now most of us have fucked some one and had a kid by them. When we were together shit was good. But all good things must come to an end. Some times shit can end on a good note and other times the shit hit’s the fan. 

Men at first yall will start out taking care of yall responsibilities and then yall fall the fuck off. You stop getting your kids. The money you use to send gets smaller and small till yo ass stop sending shit period.  You make sure your shit is on point and you still do you. You start dating a new chick that’s in your ear and stay in your fucking pockets. She got your ass turned up that you cant think straight. So you start slipping on what you need to do. Now here is your baby mama, the chick that held you down when you didn’t have shit and stuck out the bad times with you. She did what she had to do to make sure yall was alright. So when you got back on your feet, you handled your handle. She never asked you for more than she needed so you didn’t mind maintaining home. 

Now when yall break up, you forget where the fuck you came from. Now your riding around cashing out and acting brand new. Now you are not providing for your kid or kids because you are on some other shit. Now your ex steps up her game and does what she has to do to maintain her and her family. Now you see and hear how your ex is getting down and now it’s a problem. You want to put her down and talk shit because she has taken her destiny into her own hands. Why are you talking shit because she chose to get out and make money instead of being fucked up because you aint breaking bread? Why are you trying to find fault in the way she is making her ends meet? If she is being a good mother and making sure your kids have what they need and they aint in harms way, who in da fuck are you to judge her? Now that’s the shit I don’t like. 

Men you guys need to understand that a good woman will never stay down for long. If you she carried shit when yall was together, what makes you think she wont do it after your ass is gone? Woman are natural survivors. We adapt and over come. No all women are like that, just like all men are like the ones I’m writing about in this blog. I just want yall to know the same chick yall dog the fuck out. The next man will love, cherish and honor her and the responsibilities she brings into the relationship. And yes that includes your kinds. A real woman never stays down for long. Just hope that when she finds her way, she and your kids forgive you for being a fuck nigga. 

Like I said in the beginning, if you feel some kind of way after reading this blog, then maybe you the man I’m describing. For all the real men that take care of your responsibilities after the relationship is over and done, I salute you. 

<![CDATA[I'm Such A Tease]]>Mon, 18 Jun 2012 03:15:13 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/choc-mami-sex-talk/im-such-a-teasePicture
I know its been a minute since I wrote a person blog so here it goes. Last night I had the opportunity to work on my head game. I have a friend that I like that owns his own business and I decided to hang out with him last night. All we have ever done is flirt a little bit and nothing more. Last night I went his spot and we went to Lowe’s to pick up some supplies. He helped me out of his SUV because Im had my sling on yesterday. We walk in the store and we were talking and I rubbed my ass up against him. I didn’t do it on purpose, I was trying to walk by him. I already know that there is a common attraction there and Im in chill mode.  He gets what he came there to get and we dip back to the spot. 

We get there and he brings in the supplies and is talking to the guys there working for him. We head back to the office and he makes a move on me. He brings me close to him and starts grabbing my ass. Im like damn should I or shouldn’t I? he starts unbuttoning my pants and pulls me closer to him and we start to kiss. He is a good kisser I may add. He pulls my pants down and see my black and yellow thong. He is loving what he sees. He is so ready to do me but I have no intentions of giving up no pussy. He is like please tell me you have a condom in your purse. Im like why would I have one of those, I don’t fuck. Lol  He is like I want you to see something. He pulls out his dick and I must admit, it was very pleasant on my eyes. After seeing it and the look in his eyes, I knew I had to play with him a little bit. 

I sit down in the office chair and roll myself up to him. I took his dick in my hand and put it in my mouth. I gave him a sample of my head game. I knew I was going to fuck him up. He has never seen my videos or read any of my blogs. To him Im just a sexy ass woman that is business smart. I can tell from the moans and groans he is giving me, that the shit feels good to him. I stop and start laughing. He wants to go outside to his truck and get a rubber. I wont let him because I aint trying to fuck. Im in a teasing mood. He is like stop playing and Im laughing because I already know what’s about to go down. Its been a very long time since I have had a protein shake. 

Since Im not giving up any pussy, he aint trying to cooperate with the program. It doesn’t matter because I get what the fuck I want. I keep stroking his dick getting it harder and harder while in the back of my mind, Im about to suck the hell out of him. He isn’t trying to let me fuck with his dick any more but I win him over. I put it back in my mouth and start sucking him like a champ. I get it really wet and I deep throat it. I have my hand around his waist so I can get it all. I have the dick so wet and then I go down to him balls and show them some love. I start sucking, slurping and popping the head all at once. The way Im sucking his dick has me so turned on. My pussy is wet but Im on a mission to make his ass cum. 

He is like damn your head is official and he tells me he is about to cum. So I speed up the sucking and grip my jaws tighter as Im pulling away. I feel his dick getting wider and I know he is about to give me that raw protein. Im going super hard now and he is like warning me but I know what Im doing. I feel my mouth filling up with his nut and I keep sucking. I swallow all of his cum and I keep going. He is in utter shock at what just happened. But I shock his ass even more when I don’t stop. He had to push me off his dick and there was nothing left for him to clean up. All he keeps saying is how good my head game is. I look him in his face and tell him that wasn’t even my A game. And kiss him on the cheek and laugh.

One day some man will be lucky enough to get the A game but until then, imma keep doing what the hell I do. Either way it goes, my shit is a felony.  He was like I know your pussy is on point after having your head game. My fuck game is proper and he will experience it in due time. But before I give him the pussy, I gotta bless him with head at least 3 more times and then we can fuck. Am I wrong for what I did? To be continued…..