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This was one of best shows. I was very excited to interview Cuban. He has been one my favorite Spanish rappers since the early 2000's. I couldn't wait to get his ass on the line so we could let the games begin. Shout out to Ms. Boss Ladii for setting this interview up. Cuban really got into the swing of things real quick. We talked about everything. He even got in trouble with wifey. Hell yall gotta hear the show for yourselves. I aint gonna nothing else. Hit that play button.

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<![CDATA[50 Tyson's shout out to Choc Mami]]>Wed, 03 Jul 2013 19:55:20 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/-radio/59-tysons-shout-out-to-choc-mamiI had to share this video with all of my fans. 50 Tyson came on my show and had a great time. I was shocked when he decided to give me a video shout out. All of my friends are tripping off the video and it was a good look from 50 Tyson. im a big supporter of his work and I give him big props. Enjoy the video and make sure you follow @50TysinOfficial on Twitter.  Make sure you subscribe to his Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Official50tyson
<![CDATA[Artist Showcase Saturday's on Choclate City Radio]]>Wed, 03 Jul 2013 18:00:08 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/-radio/artist-showcase-saturdays-on-choclate-city-radio
Starting Sat july 13, 2013, I will be showcasing independent artist music on Choclate City Radio. This is a chance for you to get your music played on the air. The cost is 5.00 per song and that includes a #NP tweet with your twitter name and your song being tweeted to all of my followers and yours. I have over 26k followers on @chocmami03 and over 15k followers on @choclate_city.

Im also showcasing full albums or mixtapes. So if you want your entire project played on the air and each song tweeted on Twitter in the #NP format that service will cost 35.00. You can also get your mixtape featured on www.choclatecityradio.com for 30 days with tweets every 3 hours for 50.00.

All payments are accepted via www.paypal.com using chocmami03@gmail.com . Make sure the track is in a mp3 format and include your twitter name  If you have features with other artist make sure you include their twitter name was well. This will be done twice a month.The  next showcase will be Sat July 27, 2013. If you decide to do July 13 the payment and material needs to be submitted by July 10, 2013. And for the July 27, 2013 deadline will be July 24, 2013. All music can be dirty. If you have any questions feel free to email me at choclatecity2010@gmail.com.

<![CDATA[Choclate City Radio presents 50 Tyson]]>Fri, 21 Jun 2013 01:06:53 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/-radio/choclate-city-radio-presents-50-tysonPicture
Choclate City Radio presents 50 Tyson

I knew this interview was going to be special, I just didn’t know how special. I decided to have 50 Tyson on the show. I have been following him for a while and I reached out to him after he followed me on Twitter. So I asked him to ride da chocolate wave. We exchanged information and I emailed him what I needed from him for the show. We agreed on a date and took it from there. I ran my promo for the show and away we go.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about interviewing but I didn’t want to change up the show and treat him differently. So I toned it down just a little bit. He was suppose to call in at 10pm est but he was late as fuck lol. He called in at 11:27pm and the show stops streaming live at 11:30pm. I have so many different people calling in to speak to him. But once we got him on the air, shit started getting interesting. He introduced himself to listeners and they went in for him being late. So I muted my listeners. I proceeded to ask him my normal questions from what’s the freakiest thing  you have ever done to do you like getting your dick sucked. We talked about his music career and his bedroom life. Dude gets it in everyday according to him. I can actually say I handled the interview very well. Now once the interview was over, then shit went left quick thanks to my crazy ass listener Moe from Brooklyn. I played 3 songs from 50 Tyson and I decided to put Hold You Down (remix) on my upcoming mixtape. That joint was kinda hot.

Im tell yall too damn much and yall will just have to listen to the show> let me warn you know that yo ass is going to be rolling on the floor. Scotte Mac from IMM Radio didn’t help matters at all. But I love all my supporters regardless of how bad of an influence they are on me.

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<![CDATA[Choclate City presents Mc Shan ]]>Tue, 04 Jun 2013 02:33:43 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/-radio/choclate-city-presents-mc-shanPicture
  When my friend Scotte Mack told me he had interviewed Mc Shan on his morning show, I had to get in on the action. I grew up listening to his music and I was very familiar with him and his music. So he introduced me to Shan on Twitter and it took off after that. We spoke via twitter then we spoke on the phone and set up a date and time for him to ride da chocolate wave. I was already told that Shan was going to be a handful.

Its Tuesday night and its time for Shan to come on and I started having technical difficulties and I was mad as hell. I had to keep working with my laptop and then jumped on the iphone so I could let him in. I had texted him and told him to give me some extra time. Now that was out the way. Shan came on and instantly took part in the topic. The topic that night was if a girl sucks your nuts, does that make her nasty? And rest assured hella people chimed in on that topic. Shan shocked the hell out of me because he was like for talking music, lets talk about sex and fucking. I wasn’t mad at him because he was in a zone.

The interview was a good one and he shocked a lot of people with some of the shit that came out of his mouth. He kept it 100 and nasty just like I like it. I am looking forward to having him back on the show. I also get to meet him next month at Foxy 99.1 summer jam June 15, 2013. So yall already know there will be a part 2 to this interview. Yall already know my style and I aint about to tell the whole interview in the post. You will have to listen to the show and hear Shan’s nasty and freaky ass. He was also good with talking to the listeners and clicking with them. His ass rode da fuck out of the chocolate wave.

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<![CDATA[Choclate City Presents Blanco Caine]]>Thu, 16 May 2013 00:45:37 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/-radio/choclate-city-presents-blanco-cainePicture
When my good friend Jerry Doby asked me to interview Blanco Caine, I was very honored. Because I knew this artist had to be special and had a powerful movement. I jumped at the chance to have him on the show. Then I was also told I would be breaking his new single "Spend-A-Holic". That had me saying aww shit because that is a blessing and honor at the same time to be trusted with a project that important. Now I was very taken in by the name of his mixtape "White America". I knew it was going to be the start of a strong movement. The words alone are powerful. Once I had the opportunity to speak with him and hear his music, I knew this project was going to be epic. Now y'all know how my sexy ass gives it up. I aint about to blog about the interview. You need to stop being lazy and listen to the interview for yourself. But in the mean while read up more on Blanco Caine and who da fuck he is.

CHICAGO’S BLANCO CAINE STIRS THE POT WITH ‘WHITE AMERICA’ PROJECT Chicago Hip Hop artist Blanco Caine intends to stir the pot and inform the Hip Hop masses about some still smoldering issues dealing with “White America.”  Blanco’s highly anticipated release, “White America,” hosted by DJ Supastar J Kwik and DJ Vic Lloyd, comes on the heels of Fox network journalist Bill O’Reilly’s rants regarding the loss of “White Privilege.”

 According to his interview with The Hype Magazine, Blanco Caine states that his musical influences include “Everything they didn’t teach or prepare me for in school is an inspiration…basically “White America.” He continues, “Controversy may ruffle a few feathers with this next release, but hey, I’m not here to make friends --- just great music.”

Blanco’s previous record “V12 Muzik” (Prod. By Tony Flocko), created quite a buzz for him and his featured (Cash Gang Empire) artist Bodi (Maserati) Deeder. “V12 Muzik” drew the personal attention of Chicago’s FakeShoreDrive.com owner, Andrew Barber who named the project “…one of the Top 20 songs of 2012.”

Following that buzz is Blanco’s newest single from “White America,” “Front My Move (Remix)” ft. Tree and Mikkey Halsted (Prod. By Goldy Barra and Million Dollar Mano (Kanye West).  This song is another branded as a FakeShoreDrive favorite and made the site’s Song of the Week recently.  Million Dollar Mano (Kanye West’s official DJ) heard the original record on a radio show, loved it, and took a personal hand in creating the official remix of “Front My Move.”  The video for the record is finalized and due to be released soon.

“White America” is currently scheduled for release in May, supported by a unique clothing line #ush Clothing that has created designs for the project which are as controversial as the music it will represent.  The “White America” branded clothing will spark the attention of both the news and fashion media and speaks loud and clear through visual impact --- the general consensus in Urban America about our current state of affairs as a nation.

More than just a rapper, Blanco Caine is an aware product of the most challenging upbringing and lifestyle.  His formal education was backed by the reality checks of the street and he is here to tell his story and wear the flag of those with little or no voice, on his back.  “White America” is the culmination of years of experience of one embedded in the trenches of urban reality.  Blanco Caine is the messenger; throwing the proverbial alarm clock into the graveyard; to wake the dead. Find out more about Blanco Caine on his official website BlancoMuzik.com

Links:Twitter: @BlancoCGE
Official Website (coming soon) http://itscaine.com
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/blancocge
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BlancoCaineMuzik
White America Clothing Line: http://itscaine.com/store/
Clothing Sponsor: #ushclothing

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<![CDATA[Spring Promo Special]]>Wed, 15 May 2013 21:34:31 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/-radio/spring-promo-specialI have decided to run a spring promotion for all of my indie artist. I want to do something due to the success of my latest mixtape March Madness. So I'm going to give you an offer you cant refuse. Many of you that follow me know that I can promote my ass off. I make sure everyone sees you and hear your music. I have a large and faithful following and I would like to introduce you to my fan base as well as let your fan base see you on the regular. So let's talk about all the things I have to offer. I have my own internet radio show called Choclate City Radio which means radio air play. I have a hott ass website www.choclatecityradio.com that has over 40k hits a month. I do site interviews that includes interview questions, pictures, embedded tracks, and youtube videos. I own Choclate City Magazine which means interviews and product placement along with page ads for your up and coming project. Im also an online promoter with over 28k followers on @chocmami03 and over 16k on @choclate_city accounts. I have a very extensive reach on Twitter. You can check my stats on www.tweetreach.com.

Now that I have gotten the introduction out of the way. let's talks figures and products.

200.00 will get you a radio and site interview, 2 song radio rotation, 2 songs promoted, 1 video promoted on site for a month

150.00 will get you site Interview, 2 song radio rotation, 2 songs promoted, 1 video promoted on site for a month

100.00 2 song radio rotation, 2 songs promoted, and 1 video promoted for a month

50.00 2 songs promoted, and 1 video promoted for a month

This offer is only for artist serious about getting exposure and serious about their career. Submit all payments via paypal chocmami03@gmail.com and make sure to include the package you are purchasing. Once you do that, then submit music and video link to choclatecity2010@gmail.com and make sure you put package in the subject line. For those of you doing radio and site interviews, I will send you over the list of questions and schedule your interview within 24-48 business hours of receiving your payment. Im a straight and honest person and Im allergic to bad business. I look forward to doing business with you very soon.

And yes my next mixtape project will be coming up soon. It will be and rap with rnb collaboration. So stay tuned for details. Yes March Madness was a very big success. Thanks for all the support.

Call me at 6465045537 to discuss packages.
<![CDATA[Choclate City present G2 Muzik]]>Sun, 24 Mar 2013 00:36:06 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/-radio/choclate-city-present-g2-muzikPicture
I have a lot of artist hit me up on Twitter getting on my damn nerves, but this particular artist caught my attention. he retweeted and commented about a post I had with Emanuel DeAnda. I wanna say he listened to one of my shows and became a fan. He asked if he could send me some of his music and I was more than happy to listen to whatever he sent to my email. Due to the fact that he had became a new supporter for me. I support people that support me. So he sent me a email with a few songs and some very interesting facts that I will share with you in a few moments.
Now I'm not a prejudice person at all. So i was shocked when I saw that his was white and then when I heard Fasholey, my damn mouth dropped to the floor. I was completely caught off guard but in a good way. I instantly became a fan of his. i had to get him on the show and let my listeners hear his flow. Being from the Bay area, you already know their accent is crazy and in the music world, it enhances the flow.
So I got him on the show and I was truly pleased with him and his interaction. And then he made me blush with all the compliments he was giving me. he even asked me out on a date. I dont date artist but if he is ever close enough, then he will mos def be the first one. He mind set is truly amazing just like his music. i had to put him on March Madness the mixtape. Now yall can listen to the interview and look at his video and I can stop typing. Im out. Lol!

Featured in Coast to Coast magazine, Sonic Eclectic magazine, College News magazine, several smaller blogs, and will be on the cover of Hip Hop Stardom magazine next month.

- Top Of The World (on ESPN, ranked #2 on college radio charts, 16,000+ Video Views on Hood Tube): http://hoodtube.com/11757/g2-ft-stevie-l-top-of-the-world-music/- Give It Up (ranked #4 on college radio charts, rotated on Wild 106.7 FM in Philly and VIP 96.3 FM in Chico): http://www.rule4080.com/?p=63012- Fasholey (rotated on Wild 106.7 FM in Philly and VIP 96.3 FM in Chico, video featured on World Star Hip Hop, 27,000+ You Tube Views): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qqolb5hEfUc

G2www.facebook.com/G2Muzik (11,600+ Likes
)www.twitter.com/G2Muzik (22,200+ Followers)
(ranked #5 among Bay Area urban artists

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<![CDATA[Choclate City presents The Pole Magazine]]>Sat, 23 Mar 2013 23:29:20 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/-radio/choclate-city-presents-the-pole-magazinePicture
I went to CIAA in Charlotte, NC from March 1-3, 2013. I had networking on the brain. I had a lot events I was going to cover but for some reason or another, they got cancelled. But being the out the box thinker that I am, I was able to bounce back and meet the owners of the Pole Magazine. I was suppose to go to the Dj Smalls meet and greet but there was some issues going on with the venue and was moved to the Hyatt Hotel.
Now I got to meet Dj Smalls but  then came in J Lou from the Pole Magazine. I was very interested in what they had going on.
We started talking and they told me what they do and vice-versa. I told them what I did being the female Howard Stern, it set the tone for a wonderful conversation. The Pole Magazine is a new publication that is dedicated to spotlighting adult entertainment dancers. It's not like your typical eye candy magazine. It covers so many bases from style/fashion, artist interviews, alcohol teasers and most important full substance stories about the women in the dancing world.
I had the opportunity to bring them on the radio show and give them a platform to speak on their publication and the interview was quite interesting.  yall already know that I'm not about to tell yall everything we talked about. Listen to the show and find out first hand what Pole Magazine is all about.



instagram thepolemagazine

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<![CDATA[Choclate City Radio presents Munchini]]>Sat, 23 Mar 2013 22:56:44 GMThttp://www.choclatecityradio.com/-radio/choclate-city-radio-presents-munchiniPicture
I had a great time with interviewing this artist. I always like working with artist that are from home town. This artist has been working in rap industry for a while. And his working is finally paying off with his first solo project "Be Water". This album is very deep and not once did Munchini use an profanity. Talk about being mindful of the people that listen to your music and sending a positive message. Read his bio and listen to the show and learn something today. lol
Munchini, born John Spruill III was raised in Greensboro and Charlotte, NC. Like many other hip-hop artists, he resided in what is commonly referred to as the "bad part of town" throughout his life. He jokingly states "you know that part of town the pizza places won't deliver to." He was fortunate enough to be raised by both his mother and father. Away from his daytime job, his father was also a church choir musician/director, often taking Munchini to rehearsal with him so he could keep him off the streets. Although involved in AAU basketball, Munchini also fell in love with music. He admits that he used to sneak across the street to the housing projects to be with some of his friends and hear the non-gospel music that he was not allowed to listen to at home. His first and perhaps the single greatest influence on his love of hip-hop are his cousins, who Munchini states are more like brothers. "Ro, Reggie, and JR man, they all used to look out for me in the hood and...they were all well-respected so they would let other kats know about me so basically I would go through different hoods and people would be like, 'you're JR's cousin right?' or whatever...and then I could ball or freestyle with kats from that hood without a lot of beef popping off, especially with my cuz Ro being known for freestyling in the area." After his freshman year of college, Munchini's group "Head Swelluz" decided to link up with a few other close friends who also shared the same love for hip-hop and form "Seven Seaz," who in March of 2000 released their first underground album entitled "The Genesis 2G." It received acclaim locally and the "Seaz" got their first ever radio spin with the song "Higher," which was played on a Friday night mix session. Although Munchini was not featured on that song, he was featured on the track "Betta Dayz" which was premiered on the local radio station 102 Jamz with the "Seaz" introducing the song to the listeners live from the radio station. That song was the first single released from the Seaz' first professionally recorded album "The Perfect Number," released in February 2002 (under their manager JR Troutman's company, Full House Production and Entertainment) which generated a much bigger buzz than "The Genesis" did. During this time, Munchini earned a reputation for being a deadly lyricist, winning the "Verbal Abuse" MC battle competition an unprecedented three times. Since then, several of the Seaz have been working on new projects together and solo. In 2005 Munchini won the Mic Club MC battle at Apache Cafe in Atlanta where he has been residing since early 2004. This led to him being featured on Cartoon Network during the debut of the Adult Swim show "Robot Chicken" and also triggered the start of his company Clever Elements which was co-founded by his best friend since childhood, Furie. Munchini has been working on production for new and upcoming artists, including "C Rok" a.k.a. "Mr Re-Up" from NC, "Young Tex" out of Dallas, and "Benji Burns" out of Jacksonville. Munchini was also a guest writer for Beat Linx Magazine, working with "Choo the Specializt," the award-winning producer and engineer who has produced classics for Tupac and Ghostface. After several bouts with illness, Munchini has just released his solo debut album "Be Water."



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